FIFA YouTubers on Snapchat: The Username List

Snapchat‘s popularity continues to grow, especially amongst the YouTube community.

We’ve already put together a list of YouTuber Snapchat usernames, so we thought it was time to give you the most popular FIFA YouTube snapchatters.

KSI – therealksi

Popular FIFA player KSI recently became the first solo British YouTuber to pass 10 million subscribers, so there’s no denying he’s one of the biggest stars on YouTube. KSI’s popularity stems from his over-the-top reactions, sense of humour and hilarious rants.

The YouTuber’s Snapchat is no different and you never know what to expect when you tap that play button.

KSI gets serious when talking to his fans on Snapchat.

Spencer FC – whatspencerdoes

FIFA gamer Spencer Owen often uses Snapchat to share sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes clips of his YouTube videos. It’s a great way to get more of Spencer if his YouTube and Twitter aren’t enough.

Spencer also updates his followers when he has new video uploads and and films himself at various football stadiums.

ComedyShortsGamer – comedygamer

Deji doesn’t use Snapchat as much as we’d like, but when he does it’s the same Deji that you see on YouTube.

Full of random comments and his trademark laugh, this is certainly a Snapchat account worth adding.

Calfreezy – calfreezyy

FIFA expert Calfreezy is a frequent Snapchat user and often shares lengthy stories on the app with his fans.

The YouTube star is always tweeting about his latest Snapchat antics and we don’t blame him.


If those names weren’t enough to satisfy your need for FIFA YouTubers, then check out our a list of even more Snapchat usernames.

RossiHD – rossi_hd

Tobjizzle – tobjizzle

Airjapes – airjalil

Wroetoshaw – wroetosnap

DerekRantsGaming – drgyouTube

MaxPlaysFIFA – emaxwell458

Joe Weller – thewellard

ChrisMD – christophmd

Miniminter – miniminter

TheMasterBucks – jaybucks93

TBJZL – tobjizzle

Nepenthez – nepenthez

Gonth – Gonthier

Tobiias – kidtobiias

Hughwizzy – hughwizzy

Who is your favourite FIFA YouTuber on Snapchat? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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