Five ways to improve your YouTube experience

There’s a reason why every successful YouTuber has a Twitter account and it’s not just to tell the world what they had for breakfast.

In some ways, Twitter has become even more important than an online star’s YouTube channel, as it’s a place where creators can communicate with their fans on a daily basis.

Twitter can be used to promote videos and upcoming events as well as to encourage fans to buy merchandise. It’s essentially a hub for everything you need to know about your favourite YouTubers.

If you have a feed full of all your favourite YouTube stars, then you’ll be less likely to miss any new videos and it’ll give you the chance to find out if any gatherings are happening in the future.

Go to gatherings and events

Although YouTube does have its problems, the website has always been a great place to find and meet many different people with similar interests.

YouTuber gatherings and events such as Summer in the City and Playlist Live are a great way to be surrounded by like-minded people.

These YouTube events offer the opportunity to meet your favourite video creators and even get involved in the videos themselves. Think of it as going to a concert to see your favourite band, or the premiere of a film you’ve been waiting to see for months. Such an up-close experience is something you’ll always remember.

Vidcon attendance is growing more and more each year.

Vidcon attendance is growing more and more each year.

Support your favourite channels

The majority of video creators on YouTube rely on advertisements to make their money, so simply by watching your favourite YouTube you’re helping them out somewhat.

It’s not all about money, though. Audience interaction and feedback is also important for any YouTuber to progress and learn.

Many YouTubers also encourage their viewers to interact with them in the comments or on Twitter, by answering questions or discussing topics that are covered in a video. Merchandise is also on offer most of the time. Don’t be shy about sharing your views and opinions!

Giving your support can help your favourite channels to bring you even better videos and it makes you an even stronger part of the community.

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