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Welcome to Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight, where our team of YouTube fanatics shine a light on some of the video-sharing website’s top stars. Today, we’re taking a closer look at beauty review channel, GlamLifeGuru!

Meet GlamLifeGuru, Tati Westbrook

In our latest edition of Channel Spotlight, we’re chatting about Tati Westbrook’s GlamLifeGuru, a popular beauty channel aimed at women between 18-54, covering makeup launches, beauty tips and tutorials.

GlamLifeGuru is an engaging, fun and friendly YouTube channel that has helped spawn a vast community of like-minded beauty fanatics. Now, shortly after her 5th YouTube Birthday, Tati is the most viewed beauty product reviewer on YouTube (for straight editorial reviews), managing to draw in a mighty 11 million views per month.

We had a chat with Tati about the challenges of managing GlamLifeGuru and her growth as a YouTuber and as a person during her five years online.

Our Favourite Video

When it came to picking our favourite GlamLifeGuru video, we thought it was only right to choose one of Tati’s most intriguing videos, $90 LIPSTICK WTF? | First Impressions.

As you’d expect, this upload dives head-first into the ‘deep end of ridiculous’ and features the YouTuber experimenting with a lipstick ‘so expensive it hurts!’ Whilst Tati has been known to offer makeup advice to buyers on a far lower budget, it’s nice to see her get a little crazy in this instance and try out a luxury buy.

“Some of my most popular First Impressions episodes are my “WTF” versions”, Tati told us.

Speaking in one of her latest videos, Tati said: “I’ve made over 1000 videos, which is lots of hours filming and editing. I love it and I couldn’t be more grateful to make videos for you guys. I want to start by saying thankyou”.

It’s always nice to see a YouTuber praise their dedicated fans for sticking by them, and it’s this sort of appreciation that keeps GlamLifeGuru viewers coming back for more.

Tati Says

The GlamLifeGuru channel wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of committed subscribers around the world, Tati told Tube Chum.

She said: “I’m so incredibly lucky, and the men and women that watch my videos are seriously the best audience on YouTube. They’re all wonderful and unique in every way imaginable, but almost all of them share a love for the power of makeup and a common desire to feel pretty”.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I seriously love meeting viewers IRL, it has to be my favourite part of doing YouTube.[/pullquote]

Tati admitted that managing GlamLifeGuru has helped her ‘find herself’, explaining: “I’ve been extraordinarily blessed throughout my YouTube journey.  I feel like my skills as a makeup artist and online host have improved, but more than anything, I’m now more comfortable and confident around people than ever before”.

On the subject of standing out online, Tati told Tube Chum that the trick is just to ‘be yourself’. “Take risks, upload on a consistent schedule and constantly make little steps to improve wherever you can. After that, cross your fingers and hope people like what you’re doing”.

Like / Subscribe / Block

We asked Tati if she could come up with a video she likes, a channel she’d recommend we subscribe to and a channel or YouTube trend we should block.

Like: If you want a feel-good cry, check out the John Lewis Holiday advert. Even though I’m not in the UK, YouTube makes it possible for me to watch and ball my eyes out year after year!

Subscribe: I totally recommend that any woman watch and subscribe to Kayley Melissa from LetsMakeitUp1. She does the best hair tutorials on YouTube, plus great beauty hauls too!

Block: Please block my entire first year on YouTube.. I ran around filming inside of drugstores doing on-the-spot beauty hauls, all whilst wearing a SpiritHood animal hoodie!

We’d like to thank Tati for having a chat with us. What’s your favourite GlamLifeGuru video? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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