GQ: Alfie Deyes is one of the worst-dressed men in Britain


YouTube’s Alfie Deyes has been featured as part of GQ’s ‘worst-dressed men in Britain’ list, standing alongside other stars including Jake Hall and Paul Hollywood.

The list, which was released this week much to the annoyance of the YouTuber’s fans, is certainly a controversial one.

GQ’s article reads: “Although there is skill involved in creating a stylish wardrobe, it is a dark art to get it wrong so often. Find the strength to view this page and vow never to repeat their errors.”

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”The YouTuber’s attempts to dress boy-next-door-wacky would test the patience of a saint”[/pullquote]

Alfie Deyes lands at the number 4 spot on GQ’s list, below Jake Hall, Josh Widdicombe and Paul Hollywood, who is apparently the worst-dressed man in Britain. Ouch.

Chatting about Alfie’s fashion sense, the UK website writes: “The YouTuber’s attempts to dress boy-next-door-wacky would test the patience of a saint. The title of his channel says it all – pointless.”

Last week, we reported on one of Alfie’s latest vlogs, which showed the work-in-progress studio the YouTuber is creating as a place to film videos and conduct juicy business meetings. The fancy getaway is set to be kitted out with editing equipment, a ping pong table, camera storage space, filming areas, plenty of seating and a neat reception area with a light up ‘PB’ logo.

Above: Take a look at Alfie’s office

Speaking about the ‘gaming area’, Alfie said: “I’m basically going to have half of it for desk gaming and computer gaming, for things like Minecraft and The Sims. I’ve ordered a sofa for the other half.”

Here at Tube Chum, we’re not too sure that Alfie Deyes will care much about featuring on GQ’s list, especially when you consider the millions of fans across the globe that support the YouTuber in everything he does.

Don’t worry, Alfie, we still love ya.

What do you think of GQ’s list featuring Alfie Deyes? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

Source: GQ Magazine

Alfie Deyes image: Celebmix

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