Hannah Witton – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Speaking to Tube Chum about her past YouTube videos, Hannah said: “I’m most proud of ‘Do I Look Like A Slut?‘ because of the impact it had on people”. In the video description, she wrote: “I hope [this video] makes you think twice before you call someone a ‘slut’ for what they’re wearing this Halloween“.

‘Do I Look Like a Slut?’ is Hannah’s favourite video

Looking to the future, Hannah’s YouTube fans can expect plenty more videos tackling serious subjects. As her biggest fans will know, Hannah isn’t the sort of girl to hide from controversial topics.

“[I’ll be uploading] more sex and relationships stuff, perhaps delving into topics I’ve previously been afraid to talk about or ill-informed on”, she told us.

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We asked Hannah if she could come up with a video she likes, a channel she’d recommend we subscribe to and a channel or YouTube trend we should block.

Like: I really like Akilah Hughes’ video about intersectionality in feminism and her pizza analogy

Subscribe: I recommend you subscribe to Meowitslucy for her artsy videos and insightful thoughts about things.

Block: YouTube trend? I can’t think of one because no doubt I’ve done them all!

What do you think of Hannah Witton’s YouTube channel? Let us know your favourite Hannah videos by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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