What Happened to Machinima on YouTube?

A couple of years ago the Machinima Respawn community was truly booming, with the loveable Respawn team producing content on a regular basis that was genuinely worth tuning in for.

Back in the day Machinima Respawn hosted a whole load of unique videos. Of course, there was no shortage of Call of Duty, but the content on the channel was still engaging to watch, even for gamers who weren’t as keen on the popular FPS.

I took a trip over to the original Machinima YouTube channel just the other day and it struck me just how lifeless the channel feels now. The old Respawn team, made up of Hutch, Sark and SeaNanners, are all gone. It’s a massive shame, because that was a team that was funny, exciting and refreshing to watch. The on-screen chemistry between the Machinima gang made every upload fun to be a part of, with the regular Q & A videos proving to be some of my own personal highlights.


Gone but not forgotten: The old Machinima team

Following a whole host of lay-offs and job switches back in 2012, the on-screen team was disbanded, roles were shuffled and the group’s creators were left to work on their own projects away from Respawn. They’ve done well for themselves thankfully. All of the 3 chaps above are currently uploading to their own personal gaming channels. As a side note, SeaNanners’ gaming channel is easily one of the best you’ll find on YouTube in 2014. The videos are short (usually ending around the 3-4 minute mark) but oh so sweet.

I suppose the main purpose of this article is to moan, whilst at the same time reminiscing about the ‘old’ Machinima.

It’s easy to forget that some of 2014’s biggest YouTube gaming personalities, such as CaptainSparklez (now a Minecraft guru) and Tejbz , began their YouTube careers on the Machinima YouTube channel. Some of my old favourites included Ken Burton (who was let go by Machinima after a UK channel project failed to generate interest) and OnlyUseMeBlade.

It’s surprising to think that the Machinima Respawn channel used to be the ultimate goal for Call of Duty gamers, too. It was a case of ‘if your gameplay is featured on Respawn, you’ve made it as a COD YouTuber’. That’s not really the case anymore. If anything, there’s something ‘uncool’ about Machinima now that the team behind the channel has left, and focus has shifted to getting your channel ‘partnered’ rather than uploading entertaining clips.

Simply put, I miss Machinima Respawn.

I don’t want this new, lifeless Respawn. I want the old team back together. I want Hutch, SeaNanners and Sark in a room, taking questions from ever-growing numbers of entertained and excited viewers and talking rubbish like they used to.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my wish.

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