How to get big on YouTube: 5 tips from online experts

Not only does a wide library of videos on a YouTube channel give people a reason to stick around, it also improves a YouTuber’s chances of drawing in new viewers through SEO and organic discovery.

A wide library of videos on a YouTube channel give people a reason to stick around.

According to Grapevine Logic’s media experts: “Bigger channels grow faster because they provide more content to their viewers and continuously hone their craft. YouTubers who publish one or fewer videos per month do not develop as much experience or momentum as their more active counterparts”.

The report goes on to add that the number of YouTubers publishing daily content is ‘rare’, although the likely reason behind this is that established names would rather spend days fine-tuning a lower number of uploads per week.

4. Be a ‘role model’ for younger viewers

Interestingly, recent feedback suggests that older YouTubers are far more likely to be looked upon as ‘role models’, thus improving their chance of success and online dominance.

43% of celebrities are said to be aged between 24-29 years old, apparently being ‘older and wiser’ in nature. Whilst this report’s writers claim that the internet ‘belongs’ to the younger generation, folk boasting over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube are rarely ‘young’ themselves.


Millions of viewers across the world consider beauty guru Zoella a role model.

Some of the website’s biggest stars are in their 20’s and 30’s, including the likes of Oli White, Alfie Deyes, Charlieissocoollike and LDShadowLady. Grapevine Logic notes: “Fame does not happen overnight, so while YouTubers may start off Quick Fact: young, it takes a couple of years before they rise to popularity”.

5. Be patient, be intelligent

It goes without saying that unless you’ve struck gold with a viral hit, the chances are that your YouTube channel won’t become an overnight success. After all, it’s ‘a marathon, not a sprint’, say Grapevine Logic’s researchers.

According to the study: “Patience, persistence, hard work, quality time, dedication, and maturity play critical roles in the development of YouTube superstars”.

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Source: Grapevine Logic

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