Tube Chum Presents: An Interview with CutiePieMarzia


Marzia Bisognin, also known by her biggest online fans as ‘CutiePie’ and ‘CutiePieMarzia’, is an Italian beauty guru, stylist and YouTube vlogger.

Today on Tube Chum, Tom speaks to Marzia about her relationship with Swedish gamer PewDiePie and her ongoing efforts to overcome her confidence issues. She also tells us about her favourite past videos and gives thanks to her ‘supportive’ audience.


Hi Marzia, thanks for taking some time to speak to me. When did you start putting videos onto YouTube and what sort of content were you creating?

I opened my YouTube channel in January 2012, the year in which I started uploading DIY videos, but with the idea of creating various content regarding different themes, like fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Are you still proud of your early videos on YouTube or do you find them a little embarrassing?

Considering the fact that two years ago, when I started making YouTube videos, my English wasn’t the best and I was even more shy than now, if I look at my older videos I feel embarrassed and awkward, but I keep them to remind myself how much I personally grew since then!

One of Marzia’s latest videos, Puga Does Everything, features one of her much-loved pugs

Do you feel like you’ve grown in confidence because of your time making videos on YouTube?

This is a tricky question for me, because it’s both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ at the same time. From YouTube, I gained a lot of confidence in front of the camera and I learnt how to connect with people through the internet, but I also lost part of my sociable side and I feel like I’m more awkward in public than I used to be, so I’m now trying to work on that.

How was your move to England? Are you adjusting to life in the UK well?

I definitely love England and everything that comes with it.. well, maybe not the weather so much!

Life here has been very pleasant and I couldn’t be happier of making the choice to move here, not too far from home but at the same time in a different country that gives me the chance to experience new things.

Which videos of yours are you the most proud of?

I generally like my vlogs the most, the ones in which I travel around the world. That’s mainly because they bring back good memories every time I watch them and they remind me that even though I’m socially awkward, I’m still able to live my life as I wish.

Is it true that you and Felix met through YouTube? Can you tell abit me about that?

Yes, Felix and I did meet through YouTube.

It was during summer 2011 and my best friend came across PewDiePie‘s videos. I barely even went to the Internet at the time and was fascinated by this silly, funny person, so after a couple months I decided to write him on Facebook and we started to talk.

Do you find that being recognised in public can sometimes become overwhelming or stressful?

As I mentioned before, I’m a very shy person, so you would think that getting recognized somehow puts me in an unpleasant situation, but I actually enjoy meeting my subscribers.


Marzia, Felix and their two dogs Maya (nicknamed Puga) and Edgar take a seat and have a go at becoming scientists.

They are usually very sweet and as nervous as me, so I don’t mind it.

How would you describe your fans, Marzia?

My Marzipans, as I call them, are all very nice and sweet, kind to each other and very supportive; they get my weirdness and like me for who I am.

What are your plans for the future of your channel?

I honestly don’t have any certain plans for my channel in the future, I just go with it and have fun.

How are you, the dogs and Felix today?

We are all really well! Thanks for asking, and thanks for the interview!

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