Interview: DeeLillyHannah, Disney Channel UK vlogger

Disney Channel Vlog, the brand new ‘magazine-style’ show on the Disney YouTube page, is presented by talented 17-year-old vlogger Diana Mougharbel, otherwise known as DeeLillyHannah.

We caught up with the young YouTuber to find out more about Dee’s time working with Disney Channel UK, her favourite online stars and working on her own personal YouTube channel.


Thanks for speaking to us, Dee. First of all, how would you describe your YouTube channel to somebody that hasn’t checked it out before?

I like saying that my channel is different. It doesn’t necessarily target one specific ‘genre’ in terms of videos (like beauty and fashion) but is more so a channel where I can express and say whatever I want to. I enjoy being able to post a serious video one week and an entertaining one the next and help others as best as I can in doing so.

“I like saying that my channel is different”.

Do you have a favourite video that you’ve released?

My favourite video I’ve ever released would probably have to be my first ever prank calls video that I did with a friend of mine.

It was a video that was just filmed out of boredom. We left it up over the exam period and when I came back to my channel I found it had done so well and is still a video that I enjoy watching back every now and then myself!

Dee’s prank calls video is her favourite and it’s also one of her most viewed.

So, what’s the best part about being a Disney Channel UK presenter?

The best part has definitely got to be being able to work with a company that I have obsessed over ever since I was much younger. I absolutely love Disney and so working with them is a complete dream come true.

Can you name some of your favourite YouTube stars?

I have so many! However, I would say that the people I tend to watch on YouTube the most are Zoella, Miranda Sings and Ellen (even though she’s not so much a YouTuber I still see her as one because it’s the only way I get to watch her shows 😉 )

“The people I tend to watch on YouTube the most are Zoella, Miranda Sings and Ellen”.

If you could film a YouTube collab video with any other YouTuber or Disney star, who would it be and why?

A YouTuber I would love to film a video with would definitely be Miranda Sings just because I feel like it would be the funniest video!

In terms of Disney Stars, I would have to go for either Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or even Raven Symone since they were always my favourite Disney Channel actresses. Zendaya and Sabrina Carpenter are current Disney stars that are also my favourites – they seem like great fun, so I’m sure filming a YouTube collab with them could get very interesting indeed.

What can we expect from Disney Channel Vlog in the future?

The thing that I love about doing the vlogs is that every week there is something different. One week I ask viewers to help me choose an outfit for the next episode and in that next episode I would show viewers how you can make easy and quick DIY’s.

So in terms of the future, I honestly have no idea but that’s what makes doing these vlogs so exciting.

Above: The latest episode of the Disney Channel Vlog.

The weekly Disney Channel Vlog will be sharing fun clips covering interviews, news and pop culture, “top 5s”, how-to tutorials, music and more. You can catch the show every Friday from 5.30pm.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Dee for having a chat with us today. Make sure you head over to DeeLillyHannah’s YouTube channel and take a look at Disney Channel UK for even more fun videos.

Who’s your favourite Disney star? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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