Interview: Elliott Morgan talks Premature on Vimeo

I can’t believe I have an audience that’s actually smart. They see what I’m doing. They’re along for the ride. Even if they don’t love a particular joke, they’re still on board. That’s a huge confidence booster for such a risky creative venture. Reading this answer really shows me how much I love adjectives..

How much preparation and planning went into the show?

Deep Sea Anglerfish mate for life, and the female carries the male around on her underside forever. The male’s entire body shuts down, except for the reproductive system. Metaphorically, I was a male Deep Sea Anglerfish, and Premature was the female.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I had to focus my comedic abilities on Premature, so I let my channel take a hiatus[/pullquote]

Is it tough juggling your stand up work with YouTube?

Yeah – something had to give, just on a creative level.

I had to focus my comedic abilities on Premature, so I let my YouTube channel take a hiatus. I also stopped writing, which I rarely do. I’m excited to jumpstart those things again, though.


Can you see yourself launching more comedy specials on Vimeo in the future?

If Vimeo would have me, absolutely. They’ve been really great. I call them the HBO of digital content. Not sure if they like that or not, but I’m a rebel and they can’t stop me from speaking my mind.

You know? Do you know?

Find out more on Premature over on Elliott Morgan’s website.

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