Interview: I Like To Make Stuff

As many video makers will know, creating content for a YouTube channel can be a lengthy process. Speaking about his upload schedule, Bob said: “I try to release videos every Tuesday, so each week I go through the process of shooting, editing, etc. In general, the production happens in that week, but the project starts long before that.”

Bob’s most popular video shows how to make a secret door bookcase

“Since my videos are of me making something, I have to come up with the idea, create a design, gather materials, and plan the filming process even before I start doing any production.  Some videos have spanned months, some just a few days.”

The I Like To Make Stuff channel has quickly gained an established following a huge following with over half a million subscribers in just a few years and it’s something that Bob is very thankful for. “It’s been amazing! I’m honored and humbled that so many people have been interested enough to subscribe and watch.  The community of people who have supported what I’m doing is truly a blessing!”

So is there a secret to Bob’s success and does he have any advice for other people looking to grow on YouTube?

“Not every brand or personality is an immediate match to the YouTube platform. Sometimes, it takes a little bit to find how to fit what you’re doing into the format, so just keep trying, and don’t be afraid to try different things!”

We’d like to thank Bob for taking the time to speak to us, make sure you check out more of his amazing creations on his website

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