Interview: InterCity82

Do you have a favourite video/series that you’ve done?

I’m very proud of some of the vide0s I make. The most recent one, featuring a humble 0-4-0 breaking the time barrier took a long time to film, edit and encode. The video is just 5 minutes in length but took over 17 solid hours to make. So in short, I’m proud of every video I make as I know a lot of work goes into each and every one. But my favourite series of videos are the N-gauge project ones. People haven’t seen episodes 6 or 9 yet – and they are funny!

Do you have advice for anyone looking to start their own review channel?

My advice would be to do what you enjoy. If you enjoy it, then it makes it much easier to keep on at it – and that’s what you need to do if you want it to be a success. It doesn’t hurt to try and be professional as well, as professional as possible – and a good camcorder is essential!


Do you watching other channels outside of model railways on YouTube. If so, what sort of channels do you like?

There’s a whole raft of other channels I watch – it used to be Yogscast, but I’m not into Minecraft at the moment so I’ve stopped watching them. Right now I love JimPlaysGames, a very large guy from the U.S. called boogie2988, LarryBundyJnr and, of course, I watch every single video by Ashens.

Do you have any upcoming plans for the channel that you can tell us about?

The channel is doing very well and growing to a size that I can only just about cope with really. Future plans include updating the website so people can buy things from it, launching a Facebook page, bringing out a DVD this Summer and there are even plans for a book!

None of this would be possible without a small army of helpers I’m busy recruiting right now – as well as my ace viewers and subscribers who have helped to make the channel what it is.


This is where we ask YouTubers to answer ‘Sub/Watch/Block. You can only be subbed to one channel, you can only watch one YouTube video ever again, and you can block one person (anybody in the world) from ever being on Youtube.

Sub – If I could only sub to one YouTuber it would be Ashens. Some of his videos genuinely make me laugh. While I don’t agree with everything he says or does, I do love his videos and would cope just fine if he was the only YouTuber in existence.

Watch – That’s a tough one. Very tough. One video, to watch again and again for the rest of my life? It would probably be something like an illegal upload of The Titfield Thunderbolt or The Ladykillers. Both classic films with a train theme running thru them. Brilliant, Haha!

Block – Also very tough. I would never ban anyone from YouTube unless they were preaching hate – but even then it is up to us as intelligent adults to ignore their misinformed rants. I’ve only ever had to block people who have been abusive or posted an inappropriate comment on my channel. If I had to block anyone it would be someone like that. Boring hey?!

Thanks for the questions!

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