Interview: The Uncle Dolan Show

After a long time supporting the work of The Uncle Dolan Show, I decided to get in contact with the man behind the madness and find out more about what it takes to run the channel.

A couple of emails later and I’m chatting with the creator of YouTube’s Uncle Dolan Show. Read on for the full interview, where we look at what it takes to stay funny on YouTube and the effect running a channel can have on your personal life.


 The Uncle Dolan Show is still going strong, with over 12,000 views on the latest episode.

Thanks very much for joining me. To start us off, can you tell me about when and why you began your channel?

The first episode of the Uncle Dolan Show came out on April 12th 2012. I started the series because of another YouTuber, Sweederlander. Technically he’s the original producer of ‘Uncle Dolan’ on YouTube, although personally I thought his content was very limited and I challenged myself to do better. Some say I hit the nail on the head with the first episode of the show. I was proud of it.

You’ve dedicated so much time to creating Dolan content that I have to ask: Have you started talking like him in real life?

That is a question that gets asked quite a bit. It’s hard for people to know about my personal life when they never see my face. It’s always the cartoon character. That’s why I think it’s appropriate that I stay in character as much as possible, especially on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m a college student and writing essays can be challenging at times, but for the most part I can very easily switch from Dolan to Jared in a flash.

Do your friends know about your channel?

Yes. Actually, my best friend, Dan, was the first person to bring me into contact with Uncle Dolan on YouTube.

I’d seen Dolan comics get passed around the internet before, but not in video format. He’s also the person I told: “I can make a better one”. My girlfriend, Angela, is a great supporter to my work too. Basically everyone who is in my close circle of friends knows about it, and a large chunk of people in the outer circle of friends know about it as well.

What is it about running the Uncle Dolan Show that you enjoy the most?

Putting it all together. The drawing is pretty fun; although it’s just a ton of copying and pasting. But the final product (Slicing the voices to perfectly fit each slide, adding music and bringing the “motion comic” to life) is what always makes me happy. I am genuinely proud of each episode, but some more than others!

How long does it take to put together an episode of The Uncle Dolan Show?

I say hours upon hours. For example, Act II took me around 10 hours to complete. That isn’t including the upload times either, which out here in college, aren’t very speedy. Convert the minutes of the episodes into hours and you have the time it takes to create each one.

What challenges have you faced keeping the show running successfully?

Without a doubt the biggest challenge is scheduling. Time for college life, social life, daily dosage of video games and then running the channel (and the Facebook page) leaves little room for rescheduling. If I ever get good at managing time I would like to start releasing [two videos] a week again. Right now, though, once a week is hard enough.


The first episode of The Uncle Dolan Show features some special, recognizable guests.


Do you feel under pressure to constantly produce videos that are as funny as the ones before them?

Oh, absolutely. Like I mentioned before, the comedy is what keeps people wanting more. If my show wasn’t funny to the fans it would be dead in the water. A few of my episodes are funnier than others (I’m looking at you: season 1 episode 2) but like I said before, I’ve been able to deliver funny episodes for the past year and a half.

What will Dolan be up to in the future on your channel?

Good question. I’ve never had a way to broadcast future plans in a literate and professional manner like this. Fans should look forward to a cross between my universe and Spodermen’s (the YouTuber named Spodermen, that is). I also talked with the creator of the Necki Menij show a while back. Both are talented Dolan-esque YouTuber’s and I look forward to working with them if I get the chance.

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