Jana Vlogs – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Welcome to Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight, where our team of YouTube fanatics shine a light on some of the video-sharing website’s rising stars. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Jana Vlogs.

Meet Jana Vlogs

Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in London, England, today’s Channel Spotlight star aims to make videos that brighten up your day.

Jana (known as Jana Vlogs / aFriendlyArab on YouTube) is edging ever closer to the big 100k subscribers mark, and we have no doubt in our mind that the YouTuber’s fun, energetic videos will help her surpass that milestone.

We asked Jana to describe her YouTube channel in a single sentence, and the talented YouTuber replied: “My channel acts as a window into my life, being a Saudi Arabian female and growing up in Britain I feel that I have a unique perspective to offer. I also eat a lot of candy in my videos!”

Our Favourite Video

We’ve chosen DEALING WITH BULLIES as our favourite video on the Jana Vlogs YouTube channel.

Jana’s biggest fans will all know that the YouTuber loves playing silly games with friends and trying to complete challenges, but this video has a more serious tone. The YouTuber talks about the issue of bullying and the importance of seeking advice and support if you’re suffering yourself.

It’s a ‘heavy’ video as Jana says, but it’s an important one too.

Jana Says

We caught up with Jana to find out more on the effort that goes into her videos and the reasons she started uploading to YouTube in the first place.

Speaking about her best work, Jana told Tube Chum: “I’m most proud of the videos that help people. Whether it makes them laugh and forget about their daily worries, or it offers support or education during a time they really need it. For example, my ‘How to be Pretty‘ video which encourages young girls to be themselves and to view their appearance in a positive way”.

“I like showing people the side of Saudi Arabia that isn’t about religion or politics or controversy”

“I’m also really proud of the videos I make about Saudi Arabia, because I think it’s important to have a role in shaping people’s mentalities and opinions about the country and its people, instead of leaving it up to traditional media. I like showing people the side of Saudi Arabia that isn’t about religion or politics or controversy, but rather about normal people living their lives”.

So what can we expect from Jana in the future? The YouTuber told Tube Chum: “Whatever life has to offer me in the future, you can expect me to share it on my channel. I use my channel as a sort of weekly journal and I never really know what I’m going to upload. It really depends on what’s going on in my life that week”.

Like / Subscribe / Block

We asked Jana if she could come up with a video she likes, a channel she’d recommend we subscribe to and a channel or YouTube trend we should block.

Like: I’d recommend a video by John Green regarding the Syrian refugee crisis, which really caught my eye. For YouTube to be a platform that educates people about serious issues is really important to me, it’s not just about young boys with nice hair making crazy amounts of money, it can also be about helping people around the world understand each other better.

Subscribe: I love Casey Niestat’s channel, his daily vlogs have really inspired me to take more risks with my own videos. It’s easy to forget as a YouTuber that you’re making videos that require a lot of technical skill – taking yourself seriously as a film maker can really up the overall quality of your content.

Block: I’m not a fan of public prank videos, particularly when they’re done on strangers on the street. I don’t think it’s very funny to humiliate or embarrass someone. To me, a joke is only funny if everyone is in on it.

Do you have a favourite Jana Vlogs video? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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