KSI – Keep Up EP on iTunes and Spotify now


YouTube’s KSI has released Keep Up on iTunes and Spotify, with the Sidemen member sharing his 5-track EP featuring JME, Randolph and more.

The popular single Keep Up (feat. JME) obviously makes an appearance, as do Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors (feat. Tiggs Da Author, Lunar C & Nick Brewer), Kilimanjaro, Lambo Refuelled (feat. Youngs Teflon, Sway & Scrufizzer) and Encore (feat. Randolph).

From what we’ve seen, reaction to the EP has been pretty positive. Over on Twitter, KSI fan Telephone Troll said: “Ngl, this track changed my perspective of you from a YouTuber dabbling in music to an artist. Tune goes in bro. Keep it up”. Another comment, this time from Ole Magnus Tj, added: “This sh*t is fire tho!”

A glimpse of KSI recording Keep Up

The EP costs just £2.99 over on iTunes and it’s free to stream on Spotify, so having a listen to KSI’s latest work probably isn’t going to make your wallet too sad.

Speaking about his first venture into music, KSI said: “Sway hit me up and he said I’ve got a bit of talent and we can work on that. We tried some stuff in the studio and then eventually we got a track”.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Sway hit me up and said I’ve got talent and we can work on that”.[/pullquote]

“I just love music. I’ve always been doing music since I was, like, 13. I’ve always been rapping and all that stuff”.

2015 has been pretty kind to KSI, who now has a book, a movie, an official videogame and an EP under his belt. KSI Unleashed, an ass-kicking 2D beat-em up game for Android and iOS, is currently under development and set to cause a stir.

Created by the Endemol Shine UK Apps team, KSI Unleashed will follow the YouTube sensation as he battles against the evil Illuminati who have finally made their play for world domination. The free game will be voiced by KSI himself and will land within ‘the next few months’. Find out more here.


On the set of Laid in America

Earlier in the year, KSI and Caspar Lee announced that they would be joining forces to release their own movie, Laid in America. The release, which is pegged for a 2016 unveiling according to movie encyclopedia IMDB, is headed by Bad Weather Films, the same production group that has worked in the past with entertainers including Roman Atwood and prankster VitalyzdTV. Laid in America is being directed by Sam Milman and Peter Vass. Find out more here.

For now, though, KSI’s attention will be solely focused on the reaction to Keep Up. Could this pave the way for more tunes from the YouTuber? We reckon so.

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