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KSI Unleashed, an ass-kicking 2D beat-em up game for Android and iOS, is currently under development and set to cause a stir.

Created by the Endemol Shine UK Apps team, KSI Unleashed will follow the YouTube sensation as he battles against the evil Illuminati who have finally made their play for world domination. The free game will be voiced by KSI himself and will land within ‘the next few months’.

Gamers can expect an intense, surprise-filled experience as they put their skills to the test and defeat endless hordes of hilarious Illuminati minions. The game’s makers promise an ‘EPIC-ER’ storyline, with no inappropriate jokes whatsoever, although we’re pretty sure that last part’s not true!

Creative levels and hardcore boss fights are also on the cards and KSI Unleashed players will have a host of cool weapons to get their hands on, from Piranha Hands to Thor’s Hammer to the fabled Princess Sparkle Purge Stick.


We love the cartoony visuals in KSI Unleashed

For now, an exact release date for KSI Unleashed hasn’t been revealed. We’re already pumped to play, though, so our fingers are crossed that we won’t be waiting too long.

Of course, KSI isn’t the first YouTuber to bring out a videogame. Earlier in the year we were treated to PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, which has since proved a massive hit with PewDiePie’s biggest fans.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Players can grab Piranha Hands, Thor’s Hammer and the fabled Princess Sparkle Purge Stick.[/pullquote]

PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist begins in the YouTuber’s bedroom shortly after he has finished recording a video for his channel, when a barrel monster comes crashing through the wall and chases the entertainer. The game features a number of subtle nods to PewDiePie and his past videos that only die-hard fans will fully understand, along with ‘Bro Coins’ which can be used to purchase collectibles.

KSI will be hoping that KSI Unleashed is just as successful. Considering the game looks just as crazy and unpredictable, the FIFA fanatic must be feeling pretty confident.

Take a look at the KSI Unleashed Developer Blog for more news and be sure to follow the game’s creators over on Twitter.

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