How to make money on YouTube


Make money on YouTube and join the growing number of people using the video-sharing website to create a sustainable income. Here are some handy tips to try.

Many people still consider YouTube a hobby and a way to enjoy making content, but there’s a growing number of users who see the potential that the video-sharing website has to create a sustainable income.

The financial possibilities associated with YouTube have seen top stars such as PewDiePie earn millions of pounds a year. It has created full-time jobs for thousands of video makers, but how do these entertainers make their money?

We’ve put together a guide explaining some of the ways that the web’s most popular video-makers bring in the big bucks, so read on for the details.


Advertising is one of the keys to making a respectable amount of money on YouTube. Adverts on YouTube are easy to implement into uploads and can be activated by users both partnered and independent. Whether you have 10 subscribers or 1 million, there’s nothing stopping you from putting adverts within your videos.

Despite this, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any substantial income from adverts unless your videos get views in the tens of thousands.


Sponsorship has come under fire in the past, mainly in cases where it’s not clear that a video is being financially backed by an established brand or company.

As long as it’s clear to the viewers that you are being sponsored by a company to feature or talk about their product’s, partnerships like this could make for a great source of income for any video creator.

The benefits of producing a sponsored video can involve more than just financial gain, too. Some companies offer sets to shoot videos from or professional, funded help with props and casting. There could also be opportunities to attend special events and shows that the brand is involved with.


This source of income is normally more beneficial once you have an established brand and identity, as it’s unlikely that anybody will buy merchandise from someone with only a few hundred subscribers. Once you can boast impressive audience figures, you should be in a prime position to start promoting and selling your own merchandise.

Many of the biggest YouTube stars have produced a wide range of clothing goods, songs, albums and video games.

Start small at first. Find a company that’s happy to produce and distribute the product that you have in mind, whether it’s a t-shirt, hoody or even a mouse mat. Test the waters by distributing a few units at a time. Many of the biggest YouTube stars have produced a wide range of clothing goods, songs, albums and video games.

Work for other companies and YouTubers

Many would be surprised by how many ‘big’ YouTubers get paid to work with other like-minded video makers.

Your channel is a perfect place to showcase your talents, whether it’s acting, animating or voice work. If you catch the attention of the right person, this could lead to projects with a wide range of companies. It’s not just companies that you could interest with your work, either. Many of the bigger YouTubers will often use the skills of others to improve their own videos.


A new alternative to YouTube, Vessel claims to offer video makers more money thanks to a subscription-based service allowing audiences access to content at least 72 hours before it’s uploaded to YouTube.

On Vessel, income for online stars uploading their videos has been split up into three sections. The first is subscription revenue, which is based on the creator’s share of minutes spent watching videos. The second comes from ad revenue. The third is a referral program, which means you can boost income every time you send a new, paying subscriber to Vessel.

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