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Marcus Butler is a British YouTube star and the creator of his own iconic ‘helloooo’ YouTube video intro.

Marcus, who was born in 1991, is well known for his close friendship with fellow YouTube celebrity Alfie Deyes, otherwise known as PointlessBlogTV. The pair have appeared in a number of videos together in which they challenge each other to perform and complete a series of funny tasks. Past examples of collabs between MarcusButlerTV and PointlessBlogTV include Two Boys Get Messy, The Official YouTube Boyband video, and The Sexy Photo Booth Challenge.

There’s a fun, laid back and comedic feel to almost all of Marcus’ videos, and although the editing is fairly basic due to the Brit’s vlogging style, his content has proved massively popular with viewers around the world. This global success has seen Marcus take part in some fantastic collaboration projects and opportunities elsewhere, including a stint producing content for the Guinness Book of Records YouTube channel alongside Alfie Deyes.

Uploading to the MarcusButlerTV YouTube channel since around four years ago, Marcus’ first upload, Random Introduction Video, saw the then YouTube newbie introducing himself and his plans for the future of his channel. The video has since managed to gather over 250,000 views.

Speaking via his official website, Marcus writes: “I’d always been interested in video editing right from a young age. Since I can remember I was creating little videos and uploading them to YouTube, ranging from sports compilation mixes to just things with my friends”.

“I started a channel uploading BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge covers. The channel started to gain a small interest with people asking me to post my own videos. So that’s when I made my current channel, MarcusButlerTV, and within a month I had reached 500 subscribers”.


Popular Uploads (As of September 2014)

1) Singing with Helium

2) How to Kiss with Caspar Lee

3) Two Boys with Helium


We Recommend

Here at Tube Chum, we recommend you take a look at Marcus’ 1 million subscriber celebration video, I’m a Rapper. This rap special sees the British YouTuber awkwardly jigging around as he sings about his success and time on YouTube. It’s a fun, light-hearted parody video that we reckon you’ll enjoy, even if you’re not the most avid MarcusButlerTV viewer.

Are you a fan of Marcus Butler on YouTube? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @TubeChum.

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