Marina Joyce opens up in Philip DeFranco interview

Some Twitter users became so concerned that they contacted local police to check up on the YouTuber, which prompted Enfield Police to tweet: “Officers have visited YouTube user Marina Joyce. She is safe and well.”

In an interview with Philip DeFranco, Marina took some time to answer some of the concerns and criticism she has received in recent weeks.

Speaking about accusations that her change in behaviour is related to drugs, Marina said: “I actually promise that I’m not taking drugs. I would never do that, and mainly because of my viewers, and I really care about my viewers so that’s the reason I don’t take drugs. I think people get confused about what I’m doing in my life, by not knowing me as well as they should.”

When asked about the bruises that her viewers had spotted in recent videos, Marina explained that she ‘bruises quite easily’ and added: “I like to go and venture into the park and do stuff like that, and I ended up falling over.”

Marina Joyce has seen her subscriber count shoot up in the last few days since the incident caught the attention of mainstream media. What was initially 600,000 subscribers has now shot past the 1 million subscriber mark.

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