MysteryGuitarMan releases interactive 360-degree game

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MysteryGuitarMan has teamed up with Field Day to produce a unique interactive game using the new 360-degree technology now available on YouTube.

The game invites viewers to track the movements of one of three balls as they fly around the camera thanks to roller-skaters and basketball athletes. Those playing the game then have to select the right ball, advancing through 3 stages of varying difficulty.

Follow the Blue Ball can be played using a smartphone compatible with Google Cardboard, other VR headsets or by using YouTube on a PC or Mac.

Field Day teams up with various YouTube personalities to create new, unique videos. Online stars that have featured on the channel in the past include the likes of Hazel Hayes, Swoozie and Amymarie Gaertner.

Joe’s 360-degree game challenges you to follow the blue ball.

Last week, we reported on other VR-related news following the arrival of an interactive Buckingham Palace tour. Using the new Buckingham Palace tour video, viewers are able to enjoy a view of the historic building’s grand staircase, as well as explore lavish picture galleries and iconic British ballrooms.

VR on mobile is more than a temporary fad, and now it’s easier than ever for YouTube’s biggest fans to strap on a virtual reality headset and watch content in a way unlike anything else before. For more information on using VR headsets with YouTube, check out our guide.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how MysteryGuitarMan’s unique game was made, check out their exclusive video.

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