News: YouTube Trialling Video Autoplay Feature

YouTubers could soon be making the most of improved video autoplay options, after it was revealed that a ‘small percentage’ of users have been testing website changes ahead of a wider release.

These new features aim to make it easier than ever for users to select a video and work their way through a channel playlist without ever leaving full screen mode.

Above: Right now, only select YouTube users can see the new autoplay option. [Image:]

Sharing the news exclusively via their website, tech blog described the changes to YouTube in detail, highlighting improved functionality for desktop users.

Tech journalist Sridhar Belide explained: “When you open YouTube and play a video, you can now see this new autoplay option, which is enabled by default”.

“This [can be] uncomfortable to use for some users and so can be toggled ON or OFF. If you turn the feature OFF, this does not play the next video automatically. It will be in a disabled state until you enable it again”.

Focusing on the maximised viewing options, Belide added: “If you are playing the video in full screen with autoplay enabled, you will now see “Up Next” showing the next video due to be played, along with a loading animation”.


Playlists will run in full screen.

The new autoplay feature will automatically stop playing content if it detects inactivity. If a user leaves their computer for a certain amount of time, for example, no more videos will be played until the browser is reactivated.

Here at Tube Chum, we like the idea of booting up a playlist and relaxing, allowing all the content to load in automatically.

It remains to be seen whether YouTube will be pushing these new autoplay features out to more users, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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