The Old Days: KSI on YouTube

The crazed YouTuber is a life-long Arsenal FC fan, but he won’t be too chuffed to learn that neither of the players featured in his 2011 YouTube background (Arshavin and Nasri) still play for the club. Ouch.

All those years ago, the featured video on KSI’s YouTube channel showed the football fiend looking ahead to the release of FIFA 12, speculating over which features game developers EA would be including in the title. Take a look at the video below:

KSI – Web Archive Screenshot stats

Date: 17th November, 2010

Subscribers: 6,320

Channel bio: ‘About Me: My name is JJ. Believe it or not, i’m actually British. I support Arsenal (frustrating as they can be sometimes). I make videos to please and to entertain. All in all, I’m a really nice guy (maybe too nice…) So yeah :)’

Channel Views: 47,941

Upload Views: 290,000

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