The Old Days: PointlessBlog on YouTube

The Old Days is an online feature series looking back at YouTubers before their rise to fame and fortune began. We’ll be using the web archives to share screenshots of YouTube channels back when they were just starting to gather momentum.

Alfie Deyes, otherwise known as PointlessBlog on YouTube, is one of the UK’s biggest online stars. The question is, what did his channel look like before his rise to fame?

Hoping to find the answer, Tube Chum headed over to the Wayback Machine to jump back in time to a year when Alfie had less than 300 subscribers to his name.

Some of what we found during our adventure, you’ll be pleased to know, was glorious.

As 2015 rolls on, the PointlessBlog YouTube channel boasts a subscriber base over 3.5 million strong, with more than 180 million video views recorded since the vlogger opened his account.

Alfie had to start somewhere, though. Back in 2009, the Brit’s YouTube channel looked completely different, with only 220 subscribers signed up to be the first to watch PointlessBlog content.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.37.21

Above: PointlessBlog in 2009.

Five years ago, Alfie’s channel had been viewed just 2,200 times, with the YouTuber’s page sporting a range of videos averaging viewcounts of less than 200 clicks a piece.

Back in the day, some of the channels Alfie had subscribed to included American entertainer and fellow vlogger Shane Dawson, AmazingPhil and Kevjumba.

Here at Tube Chum, we can’t help but draw attention to Alfie’s old profile picture, which features a young, fresh-faced Deyes surrounded by a starry background. We’re guessing the YouTuber would cringe a tiny bit if he saw his older ‘look’ now.

Alfie talks to his audience in one of his first uploads to PointlessBlog.

PointlessBlog – Web Archive Screenshot stats

Date: December 11th, 2009

Subscribers: 220

Channel bio: N/A

Channel Views: 2,253

Upload Views: 3,386

Spotlighted videoN/A (Video has since been unlisted)

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