Interview: Dannysstudio

There can be a danger with some YouTubers of falling into the trap of endless repetition, with Q&A videos and video game playthroughs becoming the centre of a channels content. They can of course be…

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Interview: The Uncle Dolan Show

After a long time supporting the work of The Uncle Dolan Show, I decided to get in contact with the man behind the madness and find out more.

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Deep Into YouTube – I2CRE4M

Today on Deep Into YouTube, we’re taking a look at I2CRE4M, a channel which prides itself on making fun of the dull, dull world of Call of Duty.

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erb tube chum ali jordan

Review: Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali ERB

Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali face off in the latest Epic Rap Battle of History. Graham Marshall of Tube Chum reviews the new ERB.

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Interview: M1neTube (DoneyKebab and Mangler)

Today on Tube Chum we’re bringing you an interview with the two cheeky members of M1neTube, a Minecraft gaming channel, Mr DoneyKebab and Mangler!

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Channel Spotlight: 27/11/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we have a range of gaming channels covering CoD, Minecraft and Fifa! Find out more here.

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