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Review: Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc ERB

Hot off the back of what could be considered an unfortunate loss at the YouTube music awards, the ERB gang haven’t rested on their laurels for a second.

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Top 5: YouTube Halloween Videos

It’s Halloween! So here at Tube Chum we’ve decided to celebrate by bringing you our top 5 scary YouTube videos. And you can join in too! Tweet us your favourite Halloween videos with #tubespooks and we’ll…

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Mia’s Diary: YouTube Music Awards

I think I have a very different understanding of music on YouTube than everyone else. Here’s my thoughts on the YouTube Music Awards.

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Channel Spotlight: 30/10/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at the YouTube channels CFX Squad, moreconsole and Markthomaslife.

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Where to start with: asdfmovies

asdfmovies have become a huge internet hit, and with the seventh installment released last week, it’s time for a guide on the history of these animation sketches. asdmovies are the brain child of YouTuber Thomas…

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Episode 1 was uploaded on 10th October.

Mia’s Diary – Librarian Warfare (Project: Library)

Project: Library has finally hit our laptop screens, and it’s the first web series I’ve ever been excited about. Here’s why.

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