Where to start with: asdfmovies

asdfmovies have become a huge internet hit, and with the seventh installment released last week, it’s time for a guide on the history of these animation sketches. asdmovies are the brain child of YouTuber Thomas…

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Episode 1 was uploaded on 10th October.

Mia’s Diary – Librarian Warfare (Project: Library)

Project: Library has finally hit our laptop screens, and it’s the first web series I’ve ever been excited about. Here’s why.

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Channel Spotlight: 16/10/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at the Larry Bundy jr, Cayinator and MBoZeYT YouTube channels.

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tube chum mgm

Where to start with: MysteryGuitarMan

As MysteryGuitarMan’s channel has progressed, the technology has become better and the production values are far higher. Here’s our guide to Mr Joe Penna.

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Confused - An original song by Andie

Channel Spotlight: 04/09/2013

The channel’s on show this week’s Channel Spotlight feature a musician, a COD gamer and a Vlogger.

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Epic meal time group

Where to Start With: EpicMealTime

EpicMealTime’s calorie counter, epic music and brash presentation is exciting, entertaining, and something completely different.
But when it comes to the internet, wouldn’t a cooking show have to be just that little bit more… well… EPIC?!!

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