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Top 5: YouTube Pranksters

There are a number of great YouTube pranksters that go beyond the boundaries that we see on many predictable TV prank shows. Catch them here.

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revenge minecraft

Where to start with: Minecraft on YouTube

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are you’ve heard of Minecraft, the game created by ONE MAN oh and his team Mojang who have spent years crafting the perfect creative experience for its actual release earlier this year.

I picked up the game in early beta (eons ago as far as internet time works) after being badgered constantly to play it by some friends but with a game as huge as Minecraft, where do you start?

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PleaseDiePie has over 1 million views.

YouTube Interview: Questions with SpeedoSausage

SpeedoSausage is a YouTube animator and currently has over 150,000 subscribers, shocking his viewers on a regular basis. Find out more here.

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freddiew featured

Where to start with: FreddieW on YouTube

FreddieW is a bona fide YouTube elder, so join Graham as he takes a look back at the entertainer’s finest work online.

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Charles Trippy proposing to Ally in Spain

5 of the Best: YouTube Proposal Videos

Tube Chum takes a closer look at YouTube’s greatest proposal videos, featuring the likes of Charles Trippy and Matt Hulbert.

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