Tip Top: 8 YouTube videos with over one billion views

From Justin Bieber‘s Baby music video to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse track, take a look at these 8 YouTube videos that have been seen over one billion times.

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Uh-oh! Everybody hates YouTube on iOS

As Google continues to make changes to YouTube on iOS, more and more users are coming forward to attack the updates. Read some of the reactions here.

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6 reasons to get excited for Joe and Caspar Hit the Road

Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are releasing their DVD this year, which features the YouTubers travelling across Europe. Here’s why we’re excited!

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5 of the funniest British YouTuber collabs ever

From Zoella‘s Stuff Your Mouth video to the 7 Second Challenge by Dan and Phil, we’ve seen plenty of videos on YouTube that had us lollin’. Take a look.

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Feminism on YouTube: 5 names you need to know

Today we’re talking feminism, asking: Which YouTubers are engaging on the subject, passionate about their views and really know what they’re chatting about?

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Bling! 4 of the hottest cars owned by YouTubers

YouTube’s biggest stars boast some incredible cars. Take a look at our list of the hottest rides, including KSI‘s custom-wrapped Lamborghini.

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