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Channel Spotlight: 14/01/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight, Tube Chum shines the spotlight on a vlogger, a gamer and three singers. Includes DarrenTPtv and TheDragonHat.

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Channel Spotlight: 07/01/2013

The Tube Chum team takes a look at YouTube’s ThePrenti, JtunesGaming and Jessamica92. Click here to read the full article.

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Channel Spotlight: 18/12/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight, we a take a look at three YouTube gaming channels: TheAndaley, AquibTV and JKapGaming.

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Channel Spotlight: 27/11/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we have a range of gaming channels covering CoD, Minecraft and Fifa! Find out more here.

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Channel Spotlight: 20/11/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we take a look at TYMoss, TrevCraftPro and willplaysfm. Which features a daily vlogging couple, GTAV and Football Manager.

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Channel Spotlight: 13/11/2013

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at YouTube channel’s from HoodlumScrafty, MattGiordanoGames and xRobbyH14x.

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