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YouTube – Weekly News – 15/02/2015

Phantom the Cat has been accused of copyright infringement by YouTube, claiming EMI Publishing and PRS own the rights to a 12 second purring loop.

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YouTube Rewind 2015 out now – Watch here!

YouTube Rewind 2015 has been released on the YouTube Spotlight channel, celebrating this year’s top viral hits. Can you spot your favourite YouTubers?

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YouTube Rewind 2015 arrives 9th December

#RewindisComing as YouTube Rewind 2015 will be available to watch on 9th December. This is the sixth annual production of the viral video.

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ArsenalFanTV Interview: Host Robbie talks YouTube Success

ArsenalFanTV boasts the most entertaining fan-driven football videos around, but why has it become so big? Tube Chum spoke to host Robbie to find out more.

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Creative Sparks: The Best CutiePieMarzia Fan Art Around

YouTube’s CutiePieMarzia is supported by an audience of millions and some fans are mighty creative. Here’s some of the best CutiePieMarzia fan art.

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Top 5: YouTube Pets

There’s so many cute animals on YouTube it’s tough to keep track! Read on as we look at our favourite YouTube Pets, including Maru, Edgar and Gryphon.

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