VidCon 2015: 10 YouTube panels worth checking out

Annual YouTube event VidCon is fast approaching, but which YouTube panels are worth your time? Take a look at our top 10 picks for this year’s event.

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Is Shane Dawson gay? YouTuber reveals sexuality to fans

Comedian and YouTube vlogger Shane Dawson has silenced speculation surrounding his sexuality following a touching upload to his channel. Find out more here.

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A guide to VidCon 2015

VidCon 2015 is one of the most exciting YouTube events of the year. Find out all you need to know with Tube Chum’s handy guide to the popular gathering.

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How to get big on YouTube: 5 tips from online experts

YouTube experts have revealed the secrets behind turning a small channel into a massive one in a new online study. Read the findings here.

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Missing: What happened to Simon Lane from the Yogscast?

Yogscast star Simon Lane hasn’t been involved with YouTube uploads during the Summer due to illness. Find out more on the situation here.

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who is captainsparklez

Who is CaptainSparklez? – Tube Chum Fan Guide

Who is Jordan Maron, otherwise known as CaptainSparklez, and why should you watch him on YouTube? Read on for Tube Chum’s guide to the Minecraft YouTuber.

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