30 Ways to get More YouTube Subscribers

Tube Chum shares some tips on how to draw new subscribers to your YouTube channel. Read on for our full list of 30 audience-grabbing techniques.

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YouTube Stars – 20 Years Older!

Tube Chum transforms some of YouTube’s biggest stars by aging them 20 years. Can you recognise these oldies? Click here for our picture gallery.

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Top 5: Cooking channels

A look at the best cooking channels on YouTube. Including EpicMealTime, Jamie Oliver and Rosanna Pansino, also known as Nerdy Nummies.

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YouTubers on Snapchat: The Username List

A number of YouTube’s biggest stars like to interact with their audience on Snapchat. Take a look at our list of usernames and add your favourites!

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Tube Chum: An Interview with Muyskerm (Bob Muyskens)

Bob Muyskens, known as Muyskerm on YouTube, boasts over 230,000 subscribers. We spoke to Bob about the secrets of making a successful YouTube channel.

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What is Vessel?

What is Vessel? Will this new online video platform be able to rival YouTube? Read Tube Chum’s guide to the website here.

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