is a YouTube-based lucky dip


A website named PetitTube has been dubbed ‘YouTube’s own version of Russian Roulette’, automatically playing random videos on the website that have no views.

We stumbled upon the website earlier today thanks to Reddit’s /r/YouTube community, and ever since we’ve been exploring the website curious to see what appears next on our computer screen.

Admittedly, the idea of browsing through a catalogue of YouTube videos that have never been watched is both exciting and semi-terrifying, but thankfully so far we haven’t spotted anything too questionable.

Once the video you’re watching comes to an end, the website will start playing the next one without you having to click anything.


Of the videos we watched, one of them arrived in the form of a safety advert from Toyota, whilst another one starred a baby rolling around on a giant jigsaw puzzle. Weird, eh?

If you’re feeling brave and fancy exploring the world of un-watched YouTube videos for yourself, head over to and get stuck in.

Have you tried out PetitTube? What videos were you assigned to? Let us know about your experiences by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

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Tom Morgan