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The Swedish-born gamer and let’s-player currently boasts over  31 million subscribers, or ‘Bro’s’ as he calls them. These numbers make him the most watched solo YouTube gamer.

Felix’s rise to YouTube stardom was helped greatly through the release of a series of horror titles including Frictional Games’ Amnesia series on the PC, which the gamer covered extensively on his channel via let’s-play’s and DLC playthroughs. Many have argued that PewDiePie’s coverage of Amnesia for PC inspired thousands of other amateur YouTubers and more established online gaming personalities to do the same. PewDiePie, also known to his fans as Pewds, ‘specialises’ in producing videos on horror titles, which he has said multiple times in the past make up his ‘favourite genre’.

PewDiePie’s trademark screams of anger and frustration have been seen and heard through a number of ‘funny moments’ montages that have been uploaded by the YouTuber throughout his time on the site. PewDiePie’s most viewed video at the time of writing, ‘A Funny Montage’, features clips of the Swedish gamer reacting to events from titles including Happy Wheels, Amnesia, Slender and Surgeon Simulator.

Some years ago, as Felix’s subscriber count continued to grow, more and more game companies approached the YouTuber and allowed him to post ‘early access’ content from their titles. Slender’s rise to internet fame was also due in part to PewDiePie’s coverage and reaction videos. Most recently, PewDiePie has been allowed to post in-game footage of Hollywood film-inspired horror title, Alien: Isolation.

PewDiePie lives with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin, known via her YouTube beauty channel as CutiePieMarzia.

We spoke to Marzia earlier in the year about the pair’s relationship with each other and their time on YouTube. Read the full interview here.


Popular Uploads (As of September 2014)

1) A Funny Montage




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