Pexeso’s cool YouTube graphic reveals ‘most deleted’ videos


Most YouTube users spend their time watching gaming videos, according to data released by Pexeso.

The team over at have put together an infographic that really puts the size of YouTube and its community into perspective. Did you know, for example, that YouTube receives roughly 300,000 individual video uploads each day, amounting to 80k hours of video and 24TB of data? Pretty cool, eh?

This intriguing fact is one of many that were drawn from data gathered from YouTube during October, and the findings also mention the most-uploaded types of videos, along with where and how these videos were viewed.


Ever wondered when to upload? (Image: Pexeso)

According to Pexeso’s findings, the average video uploaded to YouTube in October was around 15 minutes long and 86MB in size. Of the videos uploaded to the site, 93.5% were in English. The People & Blogs category received the highest volume of uploads, which is where popular vloggers such as Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee feel right at home.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A massive 32% of uploaded videos were gone within a day[/pullquote]

Surprisingly, a massive 32% of all videos uploaded to YouTube in October ended up being deleted within their first day online. 5% of those clips were deleted by the users themselves, whilst 9% were removed due to copyright infringement. Pexeso says that ‘typically spammy videos containing just a static image whose purpose is to lure people outside of YouTube’ accounted for 7.5% of all uploaded videos.

Looking at the Average Video Length graphic by category, YouTube Movies take the most time to finish. No surprise there, really. Elsewhere, it turns out the average Science & Technology video from October was just over three minutes long.

The blog post mentions a number of organisations that were responsible for taking down YouTube videos, with the list including WMG, FullScreen, SonyBMG and CDS.

Pexeso helps studios, MCN’s, record labels, and artists track, monitor and monetise content across the Web.

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