Pointless Book reviews: The good, the bad and the ugly


Popular British vlogger and YouTube star Alfie Deyes, otherwise known as PointlessBlogTV, has finally released his first paperback project, The Pointless Book.

As news of the YouTuber’s book release has spread, more and more fans across the globe are heading online or to their nearest book store and grabbing themselves a copy.

We headed over to the product’s Amazon page to see what Alfie’s friends and foes are saying about The Pointless Book.

Whilst there are some predictably flawless ‘buy it now!’ reviews, others aren’t so happy..


The Good

With a YouTuber as popular as Alfie Deyes releasing a book (and then telling his Twitter followers to 5-star the release on Amazon, ahem) initial reviews were always going to be positive.

Alfie’s legions of fans have been quick to head online to post rave writeups of the book, which encourages fans to ‘fill it in themselves’ via a series of to-do lists, challenges and colouring activities.

PointlessBlog fan DariMacc has said ‘It’s so good!!‘, writing: “It’s so good!!! All the pages are as random as hell and you can see just how much work Alfie put into the book over the months he worked on it! So proud of him and I love this book so much”.

Another viewer and happy reader, Ellie Richards, says The Pointless Book is great fun. She explains: “I love that I can interact with Alfie and now be part of his challenges. I love the free app, too! Such a cool idea, the book is a great way to bring fans closer together”.

Liane Swift, with her review Can’t recommend this book enough!!, writes: “Such a fun book and brilliant quality for the money. Love the book and the app together and the book alone is still incredibly fun”.


The Bad

Not everybody’s too chuffed with Alfie’s newest release. In her review titled Not Impressed, Jasmine Taylor writes: “I definitely like Alfie but I honestly feel like he could have done better in terms of originality. Many of the things are either the same as in Wreck This Journal, or are repeated several times in this one book”.

Fellow reader Simon also voiced his concerns over simularities between the Pointless Book and Wreck This Journal. In his Bit of a Fraud review, he wrote: “It was fun to complete I guess but I think I kinda want a video from Alfie discussing why some of the things in the book were literally the same as Wreck This Journal”.


The Ugly

Filter the Amazon page by one star ratings and that’s where things turn a little ugly.

An Amazon reviewer simply calling themselves ‘E’ has headed onto Alfie’s book page to leave a scathing review attacking the British YouTuber.

E’s Amazon review, titled ‘Disgusting example of status abuse‘, says: “[The Pointless Book] is a ripoff of Wreck This Journal and bribing viewers with DM’s so his book gets high ratings because he knows his fans are hungy for attention?”

“I’m disappointed. It’s a shame this is what is considered original”.

It doesn’t end there, though. Fellow angry reader Lily Calder, whose review is titled ‘Don’t, Just don’t’, has posted: “No. Just no. And Mr Deyes, how dare you tell people to rate The Pointless Book 5 stars in exchange for Twitter messages. You should be ashamed of yourself. Horrific behaviour”.

Amazon book reviewer Miss D. Taylor has responded with Sad sad sad, writing: “Sadly, this is not uncommon behaviour for these faux celebs. They are just used to begging for ‘thumbs up’ and ‘likes’ on their YouTube videos because they get paid for each one”.

“Hey, who needs a good moral standing when he’s rolling in money in a swanky Brighton flat with trips paid for him to go all over the world to beg people for likes in person? Sad sad sad”.

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