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Playlist Live has become one of the biggest events on every YouTuber’s calendar. The annual convention boasts a variety of activities for both creators and fans alike.

This year, Playlist will once again take place twice across the year and already promises to feature a number of popular YouTube stars. With the first event only two months away, our preview will give you a taster of what to expect.


The 3-day event happens twice a year in the US and gives viewers and creators a chance to come together for a weekend full of meet-ups, panels and other interactive events.

Both events begin with a business day on the Friday, offering a chance for professional YouTubers to gain advice and guidance from industry experts. Attendees can learn about expanding their audience, as well as how to work with brands and advertisers to grow their channel.

The following two days are catered to both fans and creators, with the potential to meet your favourite YouTube stars and other online friends.


This year, Playlist Live will once again be held in Orlanda, FL and Washington D.C.

The first event at the World Center Marriott will take place between 22nd – 24th April, and will be the 6th time that the 3-day event has happened in Orlando.

Playlist Live’s second event in 2016 will be between 2nd – 4th September at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington.


Every year sees big YouTubers make an appearance at Playlist Live, giving fans the chance to meet some of their favourites in person. Many of YouTube’s biggest creators also attend panel discussions and pose for photos with fans.

While the full line-up has not yet been announced, many YouTubers have already been confirmed to attend the Playlist Live event in Orlanda.

Some of the creators already announced include Louis Cole, TomSka, Michael Buckley, Alli Speed, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Jenn McAllister.

You can view the full list of YouTubers on the Playlist Live website.

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