Reddit makes Sir Fedora a YouTube hit

Reddit is an incredible place. Like a lot of internet communities it obviously has its downsides, but it has done something spectacular over the last few days for a young new YouTuber.

Sir Fedora uploaded his first video on 31st January where he introduced his channel and asked for one ‘like’ on his video so that he would know someone is watching. A week later he has over 50,000 subscribers and that first video has over 11,ooo likes.

The dramatic spike in viewership started when someone saw his second video where he became so excited that his first video had gained a ‘like’. His genuine excitement and enthusiasm for that one ‘like’ has warmed the hearts of thousands of people.

The Reddit post, which was shared on the videos sub-Reddit, was titled ‘Incredibly enthusiastic, weird kid makes a video celebrating getting 1 YouTube like. Would be funny to get him a few subs and see his reaction.’

One Redditor said: “I’m genuinely enjoying his video, he’s putting a smile on my face haha“. Another said: “I’m sitting here thinking this kid is just rambling on about nothing, and then BOOM, I’ve watched the whole video. He’s actually rather entertaining to watch.”

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Daniel Mackrell

Co-editor at Tube Chum
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