Controversial prankster Sam Pepper ‘quits YouTube’

This isn’t the first time that Sam Pepper has grabbed headlines in recent months, either. The YouTube prankster has angered viewers from across the internet with his controversial social experiments.

Back in November, Sam Pepper released a video titled ‘Killing Best Friend Prank‘, which many viewers found distressing. As a result of the video’s dark theme, the clip received thousands of dislikes.

Sam Pepper’s most controversial YouTube video ever came in late 2014 when he released the ”bum pinching prank’, which many members of the YouTube community felt was an example of harassment and highly inappropriate.

Many popular YouTubers reacted angrily to the video on Twitter but Sam fought through the controversy, arguing that the ‘victims’ of the prank were in on it all along.

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Image credit: Gage Skidmore

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