Best of British: SprinkleOfGlitter on ‘YouTube Culture’

I only watch TV once or twice a week when my favourite TV shows come on, but YouTube is slowly becoming my primary source of entertainment.

Am I bored? YouTube. Do I want to learn how to do a smokey eye? YouTube. Am I studying and want background noise? YouTube. Is there something I’ve been waiting for to come on and watch for a few days? YouTube. For myself and millions of other online obsessives, TV is being replaced by YouTube.

So why, then, should over 100 people scream in their faces? It seems kind of horrific, doesn’t it?

I suppose YouTubers becoming more known, or even “famous”, is kind of inevitable. Some of these YouTubers have more viewers than some TV shows, which is crazy! I may not “idolise” these YouTubers as such, but there’s no doubt I am inspired by them. These people are creating their own empires and starting businesses at such a young age.

Some of them get discovered through YouTube to do what they have dreamed of doing. There are make-up artists, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, gamers, scientists etc. YouTube is a market for everyone.

I remember a few years ago when YouTubers would have meet ups at parks and all you could see was people enjoying each other’s company, not screaming at the content creators.

I think what we all need to do is stop yelling at all these YouTubers and simply enjoy their stuff and get inspired by it.

This post was written by Tube Chum’s Online Writer, Asha Ali.

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