StepUp – A new way to watch YouTube videos

As explained by its founder Makoto, StepUp is a new service which allows you to watch YouTube videos in bite-sized chunks, cutting out all of the content that you don’t have time for.

Tube Chum was able to speak with the company head to find out more about this exciting new service.

First of all, can you explain what the StepUp service offers?

“StepUp lets you watch YouTube videos in bite-sized steps. YouTube currently adds 100 hours of new videos to [its database] every minute, and this level of content is not consumable.

StepUp provides a service to clip micro-videos from existing YouTube videos and allow viewers to discover steps through tagging, liking, sharing and embedding this micro content.”

How did the idea for StepUp come about?

“I wanted to learn Ukulele via YouTube tutorials and found myself stopping, rewinding, and replaying parts. Rather than doing that manually, I wanted to create a tool to cut YouTube videos into bite-sized chunks and loop each part automatically. This is actually the first video I used to learn Ukulele”.

StepUp lets you watch YouTube in bite-sized chunks.

StepUp lets you watch YouTube in bite-sized chunks.


Do you see StepUp being used via social networks? Between friends on Facebook for example?

“Definitely. Not just Facebook but other social networks such as Twitter and Tumblr, too”.

Is the service available to use now?

“Yes, the site is currently on public beta.

Please note that our site does not fully function on mobiles and tablets just yet”.


Are there plans for a StepUp app?

“A mobile version of the tool is in the planning stages but as it is a public beta we want to stay agile and develop quickly on web. Once we know what works, it’ll be time to bring mobile more into focus”.

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