Summer in the City 2015 iOS app released

Summer in the City 2015 is drawing closer and thanks to a new, free-to-download mobile app, YouTube fanatics can stay in touch with the latest festival updates.

Announced via the Summer in the City 2015 Twitter page, the app’s makers promise that users will ‘never feel out of the loop’, with the tool providing information on YouTubers set to make an appearance at this year’s London Excel event.

The official SITC iOS app is broken down into a number of key features. Whilst there’s a live newsfeed comprised of exclusive content, an event schedule can also be accessed. Considering Summer in the City 2015 is still a while away, stage times could change before the event kicks off, making this part of the app particularly useful.


Above: Just some of the personalities set to appear at the event.

Guest profiles are on offer on the Summer in the City 2015 app too, as is a shop selling YouTuber merchandise to passionate fans. Links to the official Summer in the City 2015 YouTube channel are also available.

Perhaps one of the more interesting features on the new app is the Selfie section, where the SITC community can take pictures and contribute their snaps to a live photo wall, where the images will be printed ‘onto numerous merchandise items for convenient home delivery’.

You’ll ‘never feel out of the loop’ after downloading the new Summer in the City 2015 iOS app.

Whilst the event’s lineup could change, a number of YouTube’s biggest stars have confirmed that they’ll be attending the event, which runs from August 14th to August 16th. Among the recognisable names are Mazzi Maz, Charlieissocoollike, Ben Cook, LDShadowLady, Laci Green, Chris Kendall and Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Here at Tube Chum, we’re getting rather excited for the event. As always, our team of writers will be bringing you the very latest news on Summer in the City as it arrives.

Link: Download the official Summer in the City app here.

Will you be attending Summer in the City 2015? Let us know in the comments section below or Tweet us at @TubeChum.

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