The newest YouTube Gaming update is here

Google has released its latest update for YouTube Gaming, and some of the changes are pretty exciting.

One of the most noticeable changes is the ability to navigate through the app on your smartphone or tablet in landscape mode. Previously, this was only possible while watching videos.

Gaming fans who want to join in on the conversation while watching live videos will now also benefit from having chat overlay on full screens. This will make for a far more interactive experience, great if you want to chat with other users about games you can’t stop playing yourself. This tweak also means you can keep up with all of the latest goings on without having to stick to a small screen.

The pop-out player, which lets you have a smaller screen while you navigate to other apps on your phone, has also been given a makeover. The button to enter this mode is now more prominent and easier to navigate to.

Other small changes include the ability to change content location when searching, and an overhaul of the History screen to make it cleaner and simpler.

What do you think of the newest update to YouTube Gaming? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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Daniel Mackrell

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