Where to start with: The Slow Mo Guys

Some of you might be more familiar with Gavin from his work with Rooster Teeth but before that, (in order to get his work visa), he and friend Daniel Gruchy created The Slow Mo Guys, and internet history was made.

Posting their first video back in 2010 the duo started off small, breaking old TVs and filming cats landing jumps. An inauspicious start considering where they are now but one of the best of their early videos and one that really shows off their traditional jokey style was the fantastically named, Exploding Condom on Head.

Seeing things explode is a trademark of the Slow Mo Guys but sometimes, making things explode is more difficult than you might expect and in one of the most famous of the duos videos, things don’t go quite according to plan.

Starring a giant water balloon, a front flip and Gavin’s brother, Giant 6ft Water Balloon was the channels biggest viral hit, sitting on over 42 million views. Water balloons in slow motion are cool, so a 6ft one, well I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Fire is not awesome, it hurts, it can destroy forests, and Smokey the Bear won’t like you if you let that happen.

However fire in slow motion is awesome, or at least looks awesome. Tennis in slow motion wouldn’t be particularly interesting, despite the excessive use of arty slo mo shots at Wimbledon and the like. Fire Tennis though, well, that’s a kind of twisted poetry. Well played Slow Motion Guys, well played.

There aren’t many collaborations on the Slow Mo Guys channel but when they do they go all out.

We’ve previously featured American YouTuber Freddie Wong who goes for big production every time he posts a video, combine his kind of production with the lads sense of humour (and of course slow motion) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

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