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Welcome to Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight, where our team of YouTube fanatics shine a light on some of the video-sharing website’s rising stars. Today, we’re taking a closer look at delightfully wacky gamer, TheGamingLemon.

Meet TheGamingLemon

It’s tough to stand out when it comes to making gaming videos on YouTube. Today’s guest, TheGamingLemon, has mastered the art of entertaining his audience with the help of an engaging, energetic personality and hilarious, slapstick editing.

We caught up with Brad, the chap behind the lemon, who told Tube Chum that his goal has always been to make his fans ‘laugh with every upload, always aiming to surprise’. From enjoying the channel ourself over the years, we think it’s mission accomplished!

Our Favourite Video

When it came to picking a top video from TheGamingLemon, we were left trying to decide between a tonne of hilarious Funtages from the YouTuber. From the recent Star Wars Battlefront beta to Grand Theft Auto Hulk mods, there’s plenty of variety.

In the end, we went with this Skate 3 Funtage, because we reckon it does a great job of summarising the insanity you can expect to see over on TheGamingLemon’s channel. Glorious, glorious insanity.

Brad Says

Speaking about his time gaming on YouTube, TheGamingLemon told Tube Chum: “My favourite video I’ve uploaded is “GTA 5: Alien Attack – Part 1“. It’s the first part of a GTA 5 short movie, all shot in the Rockstar Editor with a narrative story. It took a long time to make but I’m really happy with the outcome!”

As for the future of TheGamingLemon on YouTube, things are looking great. Brad told Tube Chum: “Right now, I’m looking to change up the content I make more often. I’ve noticed I’ve been using the same formula for a while, and I want to explore new ways to be creative”.

Above: Brad’s favourite TheGamingLemon video

“I’m testing out a daily upload schedule with less editing and over-the-top effects so I can add more personality into my videos. My goal right now is just to be a lot more consistent, because that’s the only real issue I’ve had so far with YouTube”.

I’ve noticed I’ve been using the same formula for a while, and I want to explore new ways to be creative.

With a seemingly endless number of gaming channels born on YouTube every day, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Speaking out to YouTube newbies, TheGamingLemon said: “Stay true to yourself. It can be tempting to upload a similar style to your YouTube idols, but the truth is not many people would want to watch content that’s too similar to people they already watch”.

Like / Subscribe / Block

We asked TheGamingLemon if he could come up with a video he likes, a channel he’d recommend we subscribe to and a channel or YouTube trend we should block.

Like: I really like the video “Make It Count” by Casey Neistat. It’s a montage of Casey travelling to various countries around the world within 10 days, with a strong message of making your time count. It’s inspiring and insanely creative. I always like to come back to it if I’m not feeling myself.

Subscribe: A channel I highly recommend you subscribe to is VanossGaming.

He’s an insanely popular gaming content creator specialized in ‘funny moments’ style videos with his crew. His editing, quality and creativity is top class and really shines over any other YouTube channels attempting a similar style. It always amazes me how him and his friends come up with new and fresh creative ideas. If you’re looking for a good laugh and love gaming, then this channel is a must.

Block: This is a personal one for me, but one thing I kind of dislike on YouTube is the whole business / money aspect to the whole thing.

I started YouTube as a hobby and I really enjoyed making videos and expressing my creativity with this platform – it’s such an incredible thing that anyone can pick up a camera and start their own adventure. Since I started, however, I’ve seen new creators and old creators enforce a business structure to their channels, which is fine, but it seems to take away the magic of the platform.

Quality should always be the top aspect to thrive for, if you do that then views and subscribers will follow.

Of course you need to think this way in order to succeed, but it’s not everything. A lot of people nowadays tend to seek how they can grab the most views on a video or how they can catch the latest trend as quick as possible instead of focusing on what’s really important – the videos themselves. Quality should always be the top aspect to thrive for, if you do that then views and subscribers will follow.

TheGamingLemon celebrates 2 million subscribers.

Do you have a favourite GamingLemon video? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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