Theodora Lee – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Speaking about her past videos, the YouTuber told Tube Chum that she’s proud of all of her past uploads, yet one in particular stands out.

“The reaction to I Feel Pretty was unbelievable”.

Theodora’s I Feel Pretty video is different to the rest, the YouTuber told Tube Chum, explaining: “I’m most proud of I Feel Pretty, which had the original title I Feel Ugly. It dealt with self-esteem issues and I wanted it to get a certain amount of likes for me to change the title – and it did!”

“The reaction was unbelievable and I think it helped some people to feel more comfortable in their own skin”.

Inspiring: Theodora’s I Feel Pretty video has over 50,000 views.

Looking ahead, Theodora added: “[I’m planning] more thorough subjects geared to create discussion, regular Q&As and maybe some reflections of where I’m at currently in my life”.

Like / Subscribe / Block

We asked Theodora if she could come up with a video she likes, a channel she’d recommend we subscribe to and a channel / YouTube trend we should block.

Like: Laci Green. I can’t choose a specific video, they’re all soooo good!

Subscribe: Melanie Murphy – She’s so great!

Block: Gosh! That’s not easy to name. Let’s just say any channel that’s offensive.

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