Tip Top: 8 YouTube videos with over one billion views


From Justin Bieber‘s Baby music video to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse track, take a look at these 8 YouTube videos that have been seen over one billion times.

One billion views is alot of views, isn’t it? Today, we’re shining the spotlight on music videos that have secured their place in the YouTube hall of fame.

According to the folk over at ReelSEO, the top 17 most-watched videos of all time belong to YouTube uploads. Obviously, the views for these videos are always changing, but the figures we’ve listed are correct at the time of writing.

Take a look at the best of the best:

PSY – Gangnam Style

Views: 2,435,237,044

Likes / Dislikes: 9,948,459 / 1,366,898

Date uploaded: 15th July, 2012

Justin Bieber – Baby

Views: 1,225,617,494

Likes / Dislikes: 3,417,157 / 5,163,485

Date uploaded: 19th February, 2010

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Views: 1,220,873,486

Likes / Dislikes: 4,586,072 / 344,296

Date uploaded: 10th November, 2014

Katy Perry – Dark Horse

Views: 1,139,515,565

Likes / Dislikes: 3,547,3222 / 537,183

Date uploaded: 20th February, 2014

Katy Perry – Roar

Views: 1,104,173,756

Likes / Dislikes: 3,863,847 / 308,716

Date uploaded: 5th September, 2013

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

Views: 1,097,850,860

Likes / Dislikes: 2,745,808 / 192,696

Date uploaded: 11th April, 2014

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Views: 1,103,012,350

Likes / Dislikes: 3,864,436 / 444,468

Date uploaded: 18th August, 2014

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

Views: 1,072,183,996

Likes / Dislikes: 3,898,498 / 405,853

Date uploaded: 11th June, 2014

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Source: ReelSEO / Thumbnail image: The Guardian

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