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Tom is well known for his involvement with EddsWorld,which he took over after the sad passing of his friend Edd Gould in March 2012.

Arguably his most famous work to date, Tom’s most popular web series is asdfmovie, which consists of a collection of short, animated comedy sketches featuring stick characters and animals. They have spawned plenty of internet memes and lead to the release of official Tomska merchandise, based on popular phrases that feature in the sketches such as ‘I Like Trains’ and ‘MineTurtle’.

Along with his ever-popular asdfmovie work, Tom also produces a number of high-production comedy sketches.

TomSka has a history of remaining very open with his fans and has uploaded vlogs that discuss different aspects of his personal life, including relationships and his mental and physical wellbeing.

The British YouTuber also attends many gatherings across the UK where he greets and interacts with his subscribers. Most recently, Tomska was at London Comic Con 2014, discussing work on his upcoming Android and iOS game, KatataK.


Popular Uploads (As of October 2014)

1) asdfmovie

2) asdfmovie2

3)  asdfmovie3


We Recommend

Here at Tube Chum, we suggest you take a look at Horse. The video was described by TomSka himself as the one video on his channel that he considers ‘perfect’ and would not change in any way. It sums up everything that made him popular – dark humour, over-the-top antics and a crazy, nonsensical plot!


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