Top 5: YouTube Halloween Videos

It’s Halloween! So here at Tube Chum we’ve decided to celebrate by bringing you our top 5 scary YouTube videos.

And you can join in too! Tweet us your favourite Halloween videos with #tubespooks and we’ll retweet them.

1. Ghost elevator prank

This became a viral hit towards the end of last year for the hilarious reactions of this horrifying prank.

It currently has over 70 million views, and probably encapsulates the most creepy things around – the dark, enclosed spaces and creepy children!


2. Crabstickz Halloween Special

Last Halloween, YouTubers Crabstickz and Khyan Mansley team up to produce a four-video Halloween special series called ‘The Gregory Brothers’.

The have  good mix of Khyan’s incredible creepiness and Crabstickz great humour.

You can watch the first of the videos below.


3. Sneezing head off

 This one isn’t necessarily that scary considering you practically know it’s not real, but I suppose for the people caught up in the moment it’s pretty freak!

4. Simon’s Cat Halloween Special

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t particularly scary, but we still like it!

Simon’s Cat has uploaded a special Halloween special to celebrate this year called ‘Scary Legs’.

5. Jack Vale’s ‘Epic Grim Reaper Prank

Jack Vale has appeared in our top 5 YouTube pranksters, and now he’s won himself a place on our top 5 Halloween videos with a Grim Reaper prank that he uploaded a few days ago.



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