Top 5: YouTube’s Worst Twerking Videos

3. Grandma Twerk

It’s weird enough that there’s a dog just chilling out while the four girls are busy twerking, but soon the grandma walks in on it, and things get a bit awkard when they suddenly all stop and start giggling.

In case you were worried, the grandma doesn’t start joining in.

4. Snake Twerk

OK, so maybe we cheated a bit with this one.

This video has mainly done the rounds on the internet as a GIF, but we managed to track down a YouTube-friendly copy. Is this how you would react if you found a snake?

5. Miley Twerk

I suppose this had to be included on the list.

For obvious reasons, it’s almost impossible to track down a good upload of this tragic event, so instead here’s Machinima‘s look back at the VMA awards.

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