Top 5: YouTube Pranksters

3. Magic of Rahat

This is a different style of pranking, because Rahat tries to incorporate magic into his pranks, hence the name. Some of his tricks include a floating drinks cup and an invisible driver.

One thing about Rahat’s videos that separates him from other pranksters is the screaming and confusion of his victims. They’re being tricked, but at the same time they’re amazed by the magic. This combination often leads to some sort of brain implosion.

Best prank: Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank – The reactions in this video are priceless. It’s a beautiful combination of confusion shock and fear.

4. Vitalyzdtv

Vitalyz isn’t afraid of the consequences of his pranks. He’s attempted to steal people’s skateboards, leading to him getting chased down and attacked. He’s acted suspiciously in front of police just to get them to chase him. Hmm, a lot of chasing.

He is one of the pranksters that often shows his subscribers the pranks that don’t quite go according to plan, including getting himself punched in the face and shouted at by his Mum. A number of his top videos have ‘prank gone wrong’ in the title.

Best prank: End of the world prank – This is a mix of cringy and amazing. What makes it brilliant is the people that believe his acting and run with him as the world is about to end.

5. Remi Gaillard

I’m not sure I would be able to tell you how many times I think Remi has got himself in trouble with the law during his prank antics and I’m sure he couldn’t tell you either.

Remi is one of those pranksters I referred to earlier that breaks the boundaries that most TV shows wouldn’t dare cross. In a very jackass style, he has gone around a supermarket acting out a game of Pacman, he’s gone around in a Kangaroo costume interfering with the public, including kicking an unfortunate golfer into a lake.

Best prank: Mario Kart – Amazingly this video is nearly five years old, but it’s funny none-the-less. You could watch it 50 times and not get bored, and over 5o million views makes it a massive YouTube hit.

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